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2037-10-31 10:54 pm
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a few things to know abt me!

i am a bi genderqueer person on the aro-ace spectrums. my preferred pronouns are they/them. im an adult living with depression and anxiety, and i currently reside in the midwestern state of iowa which makes my timezone cst. 

i am active on tumblr and am using this 100% for the yoi kink meme lmao dont judge me.

im mostly a one-fandom kinda person. my current fandom is yuri on ice, and my most recent past fandoms are ace of diamond and haikyuu. sports anime is my kink.

i like to be involved in fandomy things and i enjoy organizing and planning events, which is lucky for me as i just so happen to be the admin of yurionicebigbang, positivelyyoi, yoievents, yoiweddingweek, and viktuurimonthly. im also involved in the styleoniceartbook and yoi-fanbook and im preparing to run my own zine in a few months. i also draw and write for the fandom! you can find my art blog at aetgart and my writing blog at trumpet-geek. my main is katsukifatale.

if youre interested in partnering up on smth hit me up!
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2037-10-30 11:18 pm

Fic List


fics under the cut )


fics under the cut )


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2037-10-30 01:58 am
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 its been a Very Long Time since ive been on this website so i wanted to update this list a bit. since i am fully on tumblr and ao3, i will link to those places bc im lazy lol

my writing blog
ao3 -previous fandoms
ao3 -yuri on ice pseud

the rly old fandoms can be found on ffnet but only the lord knows why youd want to read them lmao